Throughout our history, KJPP ANA dan Rekan have provided companies and institutions with valuation services for various purposes, including collateral for credit, sales and purchase, financial statement, revaluation, insurance, asset capitalization and many more.

We are highly experienced in valuation for many types of property, including real property, plantations, mining, industrial and transportation.

  • REAL PROPERTY sector includes: residential districts, commercial districts, office building, shopping centers, hotels, apartments, golf courses, sport and recreational centers.
  • PLANTATIONS sector includes: palm oil plantations and processing plants, rubber plantations and processing plants.
  • MINING sector includes: coal mining assets, gold and silver mines, oil and gas fields.
  • INDUSTRIAL sector includes: machinery and production equipment, chemical industry, tire industry, automotive industry, food processing industry, steel industry.
  • TRANSPORTATION sector includes: airplanes, ships, motor vehicles, heavy equipment.

KJPP ANA dan Rekan is also experienced in valuing property for the purpose of engagements and agreements, such as BOT and other arrangements.


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